Room Deliveries

* Gift delivery to all NRB 2020 convention guests with rooms in the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. 

* Options include items such as flyers, snacks, gift boxes with treats, books, etc. 

* You can send a notice to all NRB rooms to visit you in your booth, attend your event, listen to your speaker, etc. 

* Fee to NRB does not include the fee payable to the hotel bell services staff that make the actual deliveries. 

* Current hotel charges:

Outside Door - $2.00 per room

Under Door - $2.00 per room

Inside Room - $3.00 per room


More than one item - $0.50 each additional item

Personalized - $1.00 additional per item


Member Discounts

30% discount for Full Members = $385

20% discount for Associate Members = $440